Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Lovely Kit Lane

Kit Lane is fabulous, and her little "oddjects" make me smile. I happened upon her shop quite by accident, and messaged her immediately to let her know that I loved one of her peascapes. I couldn't quite justify purchasing a peascape, but COULD justify purchasing prints of her happy little creations. Being extremely wonderful, she sent an extra print with the order. Her attached business card was made by MOO, and an entire side was a picture of her creations. I felt compelled to take it with me everywhere. So, naturally, I convo'd her again. Completely unfazed by my strange request to send out more business cards, she messaged me back and said she would send them out the next morning. Imagine my surprise and elation to find in the mail today an amazing assortment of Kit's business cards AND a print of one of her little guys. Definitely check out her shop, as I am so over the moon about not only her creations, but also her loveliness.

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