Thursday, September 3, 2009

I love Etsy....see how it all started

PictureJill lives in Hawaii and creates seriously cute clay jewelry. I actually own not one, not two, more like a generous baker's 2 dozen cupcakes that Jill has turned into earrings and pendants. She's the reason I found out about Etsy. I was looking for cute cupcake jewelry, and had been disappointed by what I was finding. Then a google search led me to her shop, and I fell in love. I started out slowly, but once I held one of her cupcake earrings I knew I was a goner. It's really quite embarrassing, but I'm secretly quite pleased at the massive stockpile of cupcake jewelry. You never know when you might need a cupcake to dress up your outfit, right? I requested a specific style of cupcake earring, and Jill made them even more fabulous than I had imagined them. (check them out above). She's a sweetie, too. She's sent along little extras with my orders. I guess she figured one more cupcake wasn't going to hurt me. If you need a dose of cute head on over to her shop

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